Delivering Difficult Performance Reviews

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Track | Human Resources: Hiring/Terminations

Employee performance reviews are important for everyone, but when things are not going well, they are uncomfortable and difficult. Telling an employee they are average when they think they are outstanding or letting an employee know they are on a performance improvement plan is something no one looks forward to doing.     Learn how to deliver difficult performance reviews through an easy to apply framework to keep you professional and focused!    -    The Dos and Don’ts   -    Common mistakes and solutions to ensure you don’t fall into the trap  -    Effective ways to communicate negative information  -    Dealing with emotions during the review 


Rhonda Scharf

Rhonda is an author, speaker, trainer, and grandmother. She has earned her Certified Speaking Professional, is a member of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame, and is one of only 35 speakers worldwide who have earned their Global Speaking Fellow (meaning she truly has an international business), and been awarded the Spirit of CAPS award. She was the first speaker in the entire world to earn all four awards. Her peers consider Rhonda a leader in the speaking industry! Her natural warmth and sincerity are balanced by a healthy sense of the absurd, a combination that is useful in any situation.



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