BISC Elections

BISC 2017-2018 Elections

Join the top safety and regulatory professionals of the Bus Industry Safety Council in biannual meetings and quarterly committee meetings to develop and promote methods, materials and procedures to enhance motorcoach safety and security.

Below are the winners of the first BISC online elections.
These winners will join:


Alan Smith, Greyhound Lines

Alan Smith has been involved with the Bus Industry Safety Council for the past 9 years. Al has served as a past Chair of the VTOC Committee and has been a member of the Executive Committee.

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Vice Chair

Mike Ferianc, Butler Motor Transit/Coach USA

Mike Ferianc has been involved with the Bus Industry Safety Council for the past 14 years. Mike has served as a past Chair of the Human Performance Committee.

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Immediate Past Chair

Stephen Evans, Pacific Western Transportation

Stephen Evans has been involved with the Bus Industry Safety Council for the past 9 years. After serving terms as the Chair of the BISC Vehicle Technical Operating Committee he joined the BISC Executive as Secretary followed by a term as the Vice-Chair. And in November 2014 Stephen became the Chair of the Bus Industry Safety Council for a two year term.

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Additional members may be appointed to the Executive Committee at the discretion of the Chair.


Jeffrey Shanker
Black Tie Transportation/Blue Diamond Transportation

"With my knowledge and experience within the passenger ground transportation industry, I feel that I am qualified to assist the industry in many aspects. My insight into the industry, including the smaller vehicle side of our industry (limousine) is a benefit for everyone, especially as this aspect of the industry is growing exponentially into motor coaches. I have served my duties in every capacity to the fullest and garnered respect of my industry peers. I feel that I can be a large asset to the BISC and look forward to serving with my peers for the betterment of our industry."

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Jeff will serve a 2 year term as the BISC Secretary.

Government Activities Review Committee Chairman

Dave Bolen
Academy Express
"I have a lot of experience interacting with government agencies and members of Congress through my participation in fly-in's, meetings and Department of Transportation events. Being based in the Washington DC metropolitan-area as well as in the industry for over 20 years, I have a unique abilty to help put government speak into terms a bus operator can easily understand. Likewise, I can take our industry's perspective and help educate lawmakers and regulators. I think I can be an asset to BISC in this capacity."

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Dave will serve a 2 year term as the Committee Chairman.

Human Performance Committee Chairman

Rick Vaillancourt
Cyr Bus Lines

"I am interested in developing and promoting methods, materials and procedures to improve motorcoach safety. I feel that it is of the utmost importance to help educate companies and their people in the best practices of all aspects of bus operations. The best way to accomplish this is by improving our understanding of human performance issues in order to improve human performance, and thereby improve operational safety in all of our companies."

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Rick will serve a 1 year term as the Committee Chairman.

Security Committee Chairman

Lynette McMillian
Coach USA
"I am interested in this position because I believe that my background in law enforcement and in safety brings valuable insight that can be beneficial to the organization. I have been involved with BISC for several years and find that it's a great avenue to stay informed on the changes in the transportation industry. The knowledge gleaned from the other members has been help me in many cases find a viable solution to issues I have encountered."

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Lynette will serve a 2 year term as the Committee Chairman.

Vehicle Technical & Operations Committee Chairman

Andy Byars
All Aboard America Holdings

“I have over 30 years in the motorcoach industry and have worked hard to try and keep up with the new technologies that continue to find their way into our industry. I have always been interested in the tech side of our industry and outside of it as well.  With over 600 varied vehicles in our fleet at AAAHINC, I also feel I can bring experience to this committee as well as to the industry professionals in Law Enforcement, Safety etc. I have also had the pleasure of being both a Fleet Manager and an Operations Manager for a motorcoach dealership (ABC Companies) so seeing the industry from both sides has afforded me experience that most cannot claim.”

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Andy will serve a 1 year term as the Committee Chairman.

Workplace Health & Environmental Safety Committee Chairman

Pam Martinez

"Since joining BISC, I have been involved with the Workplace Safety and Health Committee in various capacities. I’ve enjoyed serving on the committee where it has given me an opportunity to help others in the industry to have a safe work place. I have a tremendous amount of passion for safety in the workplace and would like to continue to have the opportunity to help others in this area."

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Pam will serve a 2 year term as the Committee Chairman.

Bus Manufacturer Representative

Louis Hotard
ABC Companies

"As I maintain a good working relationship with all the coach manufacturers, I believe that I can continue to provide positive input to the BISC and ABA members. In addition I feel that my experience as a past motorcoach operator, allows me to better understand how issues that come before the Committee affect our operator members. My experience with many Government agencies, motorcoach vendor suppliers, and many ABA members allows me to provide a unique prospective to the BISC Executive Committee."

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Louis will serve a 2 year term.

Insurance Representative

Bob Crescenzo
Lancer Insurance

"I am interested in continuing my role as the insurance representative on the BISC Executive Committee in order to provide up to date insurance market information to BISC. Additionally, the position provides an opportunity to have open discussion about safety, risk management and it's importance to BISC members. I believe both my experience and long commitment to BISC will benefit both the members and ABA."

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Bob will serve a 1 year term.

Non-Builder (Supplier) Representative

Mike McDonal
Saucon Technologies

"I am interested in continuing on the BISC Executive to keep moving BISC forward. When I joined BISC ten years ago it was very different in size and mission. Today, BISC is a mature and credible entity that I know I can help the current and future leadership and membership continue to flourish as I lead the new sister Council BusMARC into the future."

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Mike will serve a 1 year term.

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