Bus Maintenance and Repair Council


The Bus Maintenance and Repair Council (BusMARC) was created in 2015 and is a new program of the American Bus Association. The mission of the BusMARC shall be to continually raise the level of maintenance awareness in the intercity bus and motorcoach industry. Currently, the leadership, structure and program activities of the Council are being developed to meet the needs of ABA's bus operator members and address the need for continuing maintenance education and compliance training as well as provide a new venue for equipment, parts and service providers to interact with the bus industry.

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Currently, the membership of the Council is open to all bus operators who have an interest in maintenace. You do not have to be an ABA member to be a part of BusMARC. The Council's leadership team currently consists of six (6) members including a Chairman, Vice Chairman and three Committee Chairmen.

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The Council's structure consists of three (3) committees: an Executive Committee, Education Committee and a Compliance Committee. The Committees decide on the educational and programmatic needs and any product/resource development.


The Council meets periodically via conference call and with two (2) in-person meetings annually. A Winter meeting at Marketplace and a rotating Summer meeting.

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Contact ABA and Brandon Buchanan at (202) 218-7227 or bbuchanan@buses.org.