BISC Executive Committee

Your forum for safety and compliance.

Join the top safety and regulatory professionals of the Bus Industry Safety Council in biannual meetings and quarterly committee meetings to develop and promote methods, materials and procedures to enhance motorcoach safety and security.

The business of the BISC is governed by the BISC Executive Committee. All matters involving any expenditure of money, external affairs, or statements of policy shall be subject to review and prior approval by the American Bus Association. The Executive Committee also coordinates the work flow and direction of the BISC Standing Committees.


Alan Smith, Greyhound Lines

Alan Smith has been involved with the Bus Industry Safety Council for the past 10 years. Al has served as a past Chair of the VTOC Committee and has been a member of the Executive Committee.

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Vice Chair

Pam Martinez, DATTCO

Pam Martinez has been a participating member of BISC since 2009. She has served as a past Chair of the Workplace Safety and Health Committee.  She has been a past presenter at the several BISC meetings.

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Jeffrey Shanker, Black Tie Transportation/Blue Diamond Transportation

Jeff has been involved with the Bus Industry Safety Council for the past 6 years. Jeff has served as a past Vice Chair of the Security Committee.

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BISC Executive Committee Members:

BISC Immediate Past Chairman Stephen Evans
At-Large Member Charles Corder
At-Large Member Chris Crean
Bus Manufacturer Representative Louis Hotard
Insurance Representative Bob Crescenzo
Non-Builder Representative Mike McDonal
Government Advisory Representative Loretta Bitner
ABA Board Strategic Safety Commmittee Chair Alan Glickman
BISC Executive Director Brandon Buchanan

BISC Committee Chair Members:

Government Activities Review Committee Dave Bolen
Human Performance Committee Rocky Bewley
Security Committee Lynette McMillian
Vehicle Technical Operations Committee Matt Herr
Workplace Health and Safety Committee Ray Shulman

Upcoming Meetings

November 6, 2018 at 10:00 am ET
Conference Call

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