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Norm Littler Memorial Safety Award

The Norm Littler Memorial Safety Award presented by the American Bus Association and the Bus Industry Safety Council recognizes an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the profession of safety through the development or implementation of techniques, products or safety processes and demonstrates a commitment and investment in the day-to-day safety of the traveling public by motorcoach.  Detailed Information

Please forward completed nominations to ABA at via mail or fax to 202-218-7250.

Norm Littler Memorial Safety Award Honorees


Clyde Hart

Among other positions that Clyde has held in his career, he has worked as, Senior Counsel for the Senate Committee on Commerce, the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) and in 2000 joined the newly created FMCSA.  He has been in transportation law and policy for more than 25 years.

Clyde joined the American Bus Association as it's Senior Vice President for Government Affairs in 2001 and retired from that position in 2014.  During his tenure at ABA, Clyde has been instrumental in supporting the bus industry. He has provided guidance for the industry that has resulted in changes in regulations providing remarkable improvements and benefits to the industry.  Among those successes has been bus-related provisions in the 2005 highway reauthorization bill known as SAFETA-LU. 

This bill allowed private bus companies access to federal grant funding for terminal projects, increased funding for wheelchair lift equipped buses and stopped unnecessary en route inspections of buses.  Additionally, through his efforts, the Secretary of Transportation was given authority to penalize publicly funded transit agencies who were illegally providing charter services.  During his tenure the private bus industry has been provided with more than $90,000,000 on enhanced bus security.

Clyde has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Operation Lifesaver, the District of Columbia and Washington Bar Association and proud veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

Clyde’s contribution to the American Bus Association and just as importantly to the Bus Industry Safety Council remain unparalleled.  By his contributions he has distinguished himself as a leader in both the Motorcoach industry and in Motorcoach safety.

Norm Littler Safety Award Presentation to Clyde Hart (center)


Wes Barber, FMCSA

Wes has been involved with the bus industry since the 1980s. Following his work at a couple of bus companies, he transitioned to the enforcement community in joining the Bureau of Motor Carriers (later FMCSA) in 1992. He began with FMCSA as a Safety Investigator in the New Jersey Division Office. As an SI, he was responsible for conducting regulatory compliance investigations and inspections, in-depth crash investigations, and providing technical assistance to passenger carrier officials, industry groups, and state/local law enforcement agencies. As Wes worked his way up through the ranks, his leadership skills enabled Wes to influence FMCSA well beyond the scope of an SI.

As the Chair of FMCSA’s Passenger Technical Advisory Group (PTAG), a position Wes held from 1996 to 2014, Wes led a number national initiatives including motorcoach strike force activities.

He also became the face of FMCSA to many industry groups, representing FMCSA at state and national motorcoach assocaition. He was also heavily involved with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance in a variety of different roles, most notably on the Passenger Committee, but also as the Motorcoach Inspection Coordinator at the North American Inspectors Championship.

Beginning in 1998, Wes served as Associate Staff at FMCSA’s National Training Center as a lead instructor for the Passenger Vehicle Inspection Course.  He facilitated instructor development and recertification modules while serving as a subject matter expert on course development and training initiatives.  This course is required training for all Passenger Vehicle Inspectors at the Federal, State and local level. From 2003 to 2011, Wes was the Eastern Service Center Coordinator for the investigation of passenger carrier operators and led the multiple regional strike force events with 14 Division Offices. In 2005 and 2006 Wes provided technical expertise to support research to better identify the causal factors leading to motorcoach fires.  Wes represented FMCSA by working with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to address motorcoach fires and their testing conducted at the Bridgestone/Firestone proving grounds in Texas.   Additionally, he authored technical briefing papers that were later incorporated into FMCSA’s National Training Center, Passenger Vehicle Inspection course curriculum.  This course is used to train all passenger vehicle inspectors in the country.

In 2007 and 2008, Wes was the Field Coordinator for the FMCSA Bus Crash Causation Study.  He coordinated the notification and post-crash investigations and provided direction to investigators and police agencies to ensure the timely and accurate collection of over 400 data points for each crash. He even ventured over and influenced the security realm. Wes coordinated multiple Motorcoach Homeland Security Passenger Vehicle inspection details in the metropolitan New York area working closely with State and local law enforcement agencies. In addition to checking driver credentials, these highly specialized details utilized specially designed radiological detection vehicles and canine units for detecting explosives on the vehicles.  Wes also served as an FMCSA panel member to the Transportation Security Administration Intercity Bus Security Grant Program to award security grants to enhance the ability of passenger carriers to guard against terrorist acts. In 2009, Wes represented FMCSA in a functional Motorcoach Security exercise sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  The exercise was designed to test and evaluate government and private sector communication responses to a terrorist related incident aboard a motorcoach. 

Wes has made significant contributions to the bus safety for more than 30 years. He has demonstrated commitment and investment in the day-to-day safety of the traveling public by motorcoach and other passenger vehicles.

Norm Littler Safety Award Presentation to Wes Barber (center)


Pete Worthington, DATTCO Inc.

Pete has been involved in the motorcoach industry since 1963, beginning as a bus driver. At Vermont Transit, New England Transit, and DATTCO Inc., he displayed excellent leadership in a variety of roles, inlcuding Manager, General Manager and Vice President.

Pete has been an active member and participant in several industry associations, including the American Bus Association and the International Motorcoach Group. He has also served as President of the Connecticut Bus Association and as Executive Secretary of the New England Bus Association.

Pete was instrumental in reforming the Bus Industry Safety Council, even serving as Chairman from 1996-2000. He aided BISC in creating a better understanding of the regulations, maintenance safety, driver-related safety concerns and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Under Pete's leadership, BISC fostered a relationship with the motor carrier enforcement community, creating bonds and a working relationship that continues today.

Norm Littler Safety Award Presentation to DATTCO President Don DeVivo


Pete Worthington at the 2015 Winter BISC