January 30, 2012 | Issue #115

Marketplace 2012 Stats Posted Online

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The numbers are in, and they prove that Marketplace 2012 was another smash hit!  Over 3,300 delegates were on hand for this year’s show and participated in more than 136,000 quality business appointments.

Here are some other interesting figures:

750 motorcoach and tour operators were in attendance

226 motorcoach and tour operator companies took appointments all week

300+ sponsors

229 Associate service & product suppliers attended

72 associate product and service suppliers exhibited at MKPL

A full listing of the show’s statistics can be found here

Show Follow Up Tools:

Marketplace 2012 might be over, but ABA is still working for you to ensure that you get the best return on investment from this year’s show as possible.

All delegates will be sent a final Directory of Participants by the end of January for follow up and will have access to their Marketplace Passport until the end of February.  To keep Marketplace delegate-driven, delegates are encouraged to complete their Marketplace evaluation available in their Passport.