January 16, 2012 | Issue #114

New ‘Women In Buses’ Group Meets For First Time At Marketplace

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Over fifty people participated in the first-ever meeting of "Women in Buses" at Marketplace 2012.

Women in Buses is part of an ABA initiative to bring together female owners and general managers of bus companies to discuss what challenges they face and find out what services ABA can offer women in the industry.

To launch the new group, ABA held an evening reception where the National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah Hersman was the keynote speaker.

The next morning, the group met for a roundtable discussion about a variety of topics including: safety and standards; women in leadership within companies and associations; manufacturers' treatment of women; mentoring and support and female driver statistics.

In the coming months, ABA will hold a follow up conference call and schedule another meeting.

Contact Vicki Osman at vosman@buses.org for more information or if you are interested in joining.