January 16, 2012 | Issue #114

Hersman Addresses BISC Meeting

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Over 100 of the motorcoach industry’s leading safety, maintenance and human relations experts participated in the winter meeting of the Bus Industry Safety Council at Marketplace 2012.

 The two-day meeting kicked off with a presentation on bus safety from Deborah A.P. Hersoman, Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB.) Chairman Hersman focused her remarks on detailing several NTSB recommendations for improving bus safety, and explaining why the agency thought they were necessary.

She concluded her presentation by imploring the operators in attendance to stand up to their customers when the push companies to violate safety regulations. “You have to know where the line is,” Hersman said. “If a customer is pushing for an all-night run that violates your hours-of-service practices, you have to tell them no.”

The Winter BISC meeting was also the site of the first-ever Driver Wellness Industry Panel, which was cosponsored by BISC, ABA and the American Trucking Associations. During the discussion, BISC members listened to representatives from the medical, insurance and transportation industries explain safety and cost benefits of implementing an effective driver wellness program.

BISC members wrapped up their meeting by breaking into their subcommittees, where they discussed topics as varied as Security Grant Guidelines to the operational implications of NHTSA regulations.

“This was a fantastic meeting, and I want to thank Chairman Hersman for joining us,” said BISC Executive Director, Norm Littler. “We are still looking to grow. So I invite anyone interested in bus safety, security or maintenance to join us for our next meeting , which will be held in June 2012 outside of Washington, D.C.

Click here for more info on the BISC, including a membership application.