January 16, 2012 | Issue #114

ABA Gives Back At MKPL 2012!

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Members of the American Bus Association collectively donated or pledged $33,000 to the Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange (GRACE) as part of the Grapevine 2011 “Marketplace Gives Back” program.

GRACE is a Grapevine, Texas based non-profit relief agency which provides food, clothing, financial assistance, and other vital necessities to people who are struggling with a limited income or recent emergency.

Fundraising events for GRACE at Marketplace 2012 included a reception at Cowboy’s Stadium, a clothing sale and a silent auction.

Since 2007, ABA has made it a priority to give back to the Marketplace host region community by selecting a charitable cause from that region. In six years, Marketplace Gives Back has raised a total of nearly $175,000 for these charities.

Past recipients of “Marketplace Gives Back” funds include Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (Philadelphia 2011) the Yellow Ribbon Fund (Capital Region 2010), Carolina Breast Friends (Charlotte 2009), the American Cancer Society (Virginia Beach 2008), and the Joey Wilkins Foundation (Grapevine 2007)

Click here to make a donation to GRACE.