July 26, 2011 | Issue #102

Results Are In For Roadcheck 2011: Motocoach Vehicle And Driver Compliance Rates Up From 2010

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Commercial motorcoach companies continue "to improve the maintenance and safety of their operations" according to the results of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) Roadcheck 2011.

Roadcheck is a yearly three-day enforcement blitz that brings together over 8,000 CVSA and FMCSA certified inspectors to perform thousands of bus inspections across North America. This year 70,712 truck and bus inspections were conducted over 72 a 72 hour. That means nearly 16 inspections were conducted every minute.

During this year's Roadcheck, investigators found that the motorcoach vehicle compliance rate was 91.3% and that the motorcoach driver compliance rate was 97.4%. That is an improvement from Roadcheck 2010, when motoroach vehicle and driver compliance rates were 91.0% and 96.4% respectively.

Motorcoach companies also fared much better than other types of commercial motor vehicles (CMV). The overall compliance rate for all CMVs was only 80.8% and the overall driver compliance rate was 95.8%.

"The results of Roadcheck 2011 show that the private motorcoach industry not only remains the safest form of ground transportation, but we're also becoming safer as an industry," said ABA President and CEO Peter Pantuso.