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Motorcoach Travel News, MTN, is a web-based production of the American Bus Association and Beckstein Productions, hosted by ABA's Dan Ronan, an Emmy-Award-winning network television news correspondent with CNN.

A new episode will appear each month. If you have story ideas or suggestions, you can send them to or (202) 218-7220.

Ep. 35 - 10/1/2014

ABA Announces New Partnership to Promote Safety

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Chapter 1: ABA makes a major announcement with the American Gaming Association. to promote safe buses coming to casinos, and Clyde Hart, ABA's Senior VP of Govt. Affairs and Policy, discusses what's taking place in Congress.

Chapter 2: ABA announces the winners in the Top 100 Events to Visit on a Motorcoach.

Chapter 3: These are key dates for Marketplace in St. Louis.

Chapter 4: In the Green Operator Segment, sponsored by MCI, there's still time to have your motorcoach company recognized as an environmental leader.