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Ep. 32 - 6/25/2014

Bus Safety: ABA Has the Latest

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Chapter 1: The Bus Industry Safety Council held its summer meeting June 16 and 17 in Baltimore, Md. and it was a tremendous success. MTN outlines what went on and talks with the BISC Chairman Mike McDonal with Eyre Bus.

Chapter 2: ABA President and CEO Peter Pantuso and Dan Ronan discuss what took place at BISC and why your motorcoach company needs to join and be a part of the next session at ABA Marketplace in St. Louis January 15.

Chapter 3: In the green operator segment sponsored by MCI, we look at fuel economy and how the way your drivers drive can impact how much fuel you use.

Chapter 4: Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden thank ABA's members who have been so generous donating free or reduced motorcoach service for organizations that serve America's veterans and military families. The Vice President and Mrs. Biden spoke recently with Dan Ronan at a Washington reception honoring military families.