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Motorcoach Travel News, MTN, is a web-based production of the American Bus Association and Beckstein Productions, hosted by ABA's Dan Ronan, an Emmy-Award-winning network television news correspondent with CNN.

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Ep. 38 - 1/6/2015

Want 2015 Success? Marketplace Gets Results

Watch the full episode here, or watch by chapters: 1, 2, or 3.

Chapter 1: ABA President and CEO Peter Pantuso talks with Dan Ronan about the ABA's Marketplace, coming up in just a few days in St. Louis, Mo. Hear what the leadership of ABA has to say about what you will experience in St. Louis.

Chapter 2: MCI continues to build on its "Quality at the Source" program, making the best motorcoaches on the road. We'll visit MCI's Winnipeg, Manitoba, plant.

Chapter 3: Tour Colorado wants you to stop by its booth at the ABA's Marketplace. Make sure to check out many of the great locations in Colorado when you are planning your 2015 vacations.