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Ep. 43 - 6/15/2015

DOT Shows Earth Day Support for "Green" Coaches

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Chapter 1: The industry and ABA remember a legend: Bert Askwith. Bert, the president and founder of Campus Coach Lines, died recently at age 104. He was an industry leader with Campus Coach Lines and involved with ABA for many years during a spectacular career based on service and generosity.
Chapter 2: ABA creates a new council: BusMARC. It's designed to raise the level of maintenance awareness in the intercity bus and motorcoach industry, providing shop managers with the tools they need to build and improve their existing programs.
Chapter 3: FMCSA issues a new rule "to prevent passenger carriers from evading FMCSA oversight and enforcement. It is intended to prevent carriers from entering into questionable lease arrangements to operate under the FMCSA authority of another carrier, without the other carrier exercising actual control over the operations." The rule is intended to put an end to the so-called "chameleon carriers" that have occasionally eluded FMCSA and other enforcement authorities. We explain.
Chapter 4: In the Green Spirit segment - sponsored by MCI -get your nominations ready for the annual environmental award to be presented at ABA's Marketplace.