Motorcoach Travel News

Motorcoach Travel News, MTN, is a web-based production of the American Bus Association and Beckstein Productions, hosted by ABA's Dan Ronan, an Emmy-Award-winning network television news correspondent with CNN.

A new episode will appear each month. If you have story ideas or suggestions, you can send them to or (202) 218-7220.

Ep. 33 - 7/31/2014

Watch the full episode here, or watch by chapters: 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Chapter 1: ABA announces the 2017 Marketplace will be in Cleveland, Ohio. We'll look at how Cleveland media handled the big announcement.

Chapter 2: The U.S. Department of Transportation honors Greyhound as the company celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Chapter 3: Longtime Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne Ferro announces she's leaving government to be the president and CEO of a trade association.  

Chapter 4: In the Green Operator segment sponsored by MCI, CEO Rick Heller talks with Dan about the company's Quality at the Source program, designed to improve the quality of its motorcoaches.