Another Type of ROI at Marketplace:
Return On Involvement

 Below is a list of areas for volunteers
and the descriptions of the positions.

  1. Below is a list of volunteer areas and positions.  Select which
    position(s) you would like to volunteer for at Marketplace.  If you are a committee member, make certain you fill the Committee Member Only positions first.
  2. Once you determine which position, select when you would like to volunteer.  Refer the the Marketplace schedule ( and your Marketplace Passport ( for your appointment sessions, special events, etc.
  3. Scroll down the list of dates/times/positions to find your match.  Under each slot there is the position title, the type of delegate eligible for the position, number of volunteers needed and the specific location of the assignment.
  4. Click on the orange "Sign Up" button to secure your assignment.  You can have your volunteer assignment automatically placed on your Outlook or other calendars. 
  • If you already have an account with Sign Up Genius, you will be able to login and sign up directly. 
  • If you are new to Sign Up Genius, you will need to sign up for a free account with your name, email address and password only.  You will then receive reminder emails about your assignments one week before your scheduled slot.
  • If you do not want to set up an account, you can just sign up with your name.

To make any changes to your volunteer assignment, you can log into Sign Up Genius and make any changes.

Check out the volunteer recognition prizes (sponsored by Ride the Ducks Seattle and Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry).  Thank you for your willingness to help make Marketplace a success!

CTIS Booth
CTIS enrollees and graduates are invited to volunteer at the booth to promote the importance of continuing education within the tour and travel industry through first-hand testimonials. The CTIS volunteer position is:

  • Recruiter: CTIS Enrollee and Graduate Position

Education Booth/Seminar Area
The Education Seminars volunteer positions are:

  • Captain: Subcommittee Member Position
  • Education Booth Representative: Answer questions about the education schedule and assist speakers who are selling their material in the Education Booth on the Marketplace floor.
  • Greeter: Assist delegates in finding their education room and answer basic questions regarding the schedule.  Subcommittee Member Position
  • Moderator: Monitor the seminars, introduce the speaker, distribute seminar materials, and collect/tally evaluations.  Check out the list of Education Seminars and their session number at to sign up for your favorite topic or speaker.

Marketplace Hospitality
Be one of the first to welcome delegates to Marketplace 2013 and/or be at the send off to remind them of their Marketplace experience.

  • Hospitality Volunteer: Marketplace Advisory Committee Position.

Orientation Center
The “How-to of Marketplace” for STAR (first-time) delegates. Volunteers are needed to help guide our STAR delegates to a productive, fun, and profitable Marketplace. The Orientation Center volunteer positions are:

  • Ambassador: One-on-one with STAR delegates to review STAR profile sheets & their personal appointment schedules.
  • Captain: Subcommittee Member Position.
  • Floater: Help maintain the flow of the Orientation Center by assisting with whatever is needed.  Subcommittee Member Position.
  • Floor Tour Guide: Conduct Floor Tour through the Marketplace Floor to point out special areas and help the STAR delegate to become familiar with the floor layout and services.
  • Greeter: Welcome STAR delegates and distribute Official Programs.
  • Photographer: take pictures of STAR delegates to display.
  • Orientation Center Q & A Session Facilitator: Lead the Q& A session.  Subcommittee Member Position. 
  • Orientation Center Q & A Session Panelist: Delegates representing each segment will participate as a panelist to discuss tips and strategies for a successful Marketplace STAR experience.
  • Registration Liaison: Greet and guide first-time delegates from registration to the Orientation Center.

Volunteers are needed to welcome delegates and extend our Marketplace hospitality – perfect for the first-time attendee. The Registration volunteer position is:

  • Registrar

Resource Central
Our state of the art Resource Central contains information about Marketplace Buyers and Sellers. Volunteers are needed to help delegates locate the information they are looking for, and navigate their way through ABA’s exclusive database program. The Resource Central volunteer positions are:

  • Business Floor Help Desk: Provide assistance to buyers and sellers while they are on the Business Floor.
  • Captain: Subcommittee Member Position
  • Computers: Provide assistance to delegate with on-line Research Databases - perfect for the computer wiz.
  • Copiers: Help make copies of resources when requested.
  • Floater: Help maintain flow and supplies of Resource Central.  Subcommittee Member Position.
  • Greeters: Welcome delegates to Resource Central.

Top 100 Booth
Past judges of the Top 100 Events in North America publications will provide information on the importance of this free marketing opportunity to all members.

  • Promoter: Top 100 Past Judge Position