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Marketplace Delegate Update Newsletters

Issue Five: Appointment Schedules and ROI

Issue Four: Appointment Deadline, Marketplace App, Online Profile Sheet

Issue Three: Appointment Requests, Volunteer, Sponsor

Issue Two: The Business of the Business Floor, ROI, Marketplace Gives Back, Opening Session Keynote

Issue One: Early-Bird Registration, Marketplace Prep, Dine Around, How to Get Noticed, Host Hotels, Transportation, Education, FAM & Sightseeing Tours and First-Time Delegates

STAR Tales: First-time Delegate Newsletter

STAR Tales #3

STAR Tales #2

STAR Tales #1

Marketplace Schedule

Marketplace Printable Schedule

Marketplace Delegate Packet

A packet designed to answer your questions regarding Marketplace 2013 including tips and industry glossary.  Click here for your copy.

Marketplace Registration Brochure

Marketplace 2013 Registration Brochure
Marketplace 2013 Exhibit Brochure

Sightseeing Tour Confirmations

Sightseeing Tour 1 Confirmation: The Cultural Side of Charlotte
Sightseeing Tour 2 Confirmation: The Southern Blossoms Tour

Sightseeing Tour 3 Confirmation: South End Urban Experience
Sightseeing Tour 4 Confirmation: Blue Skies & Heavenly Guys

Sightseeing Tour 5 Confirmation: Have a Ball at the Mall

Sightseeing Tour 6 Confirmation: Southern Eats & Tasty Treats

Sightseeing Tour 7 Confirmation: From Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers

Sightseeing Tour 8 Confirmation: Tachometers to Technology

Sightseeing Tour 9 Confirmation: Take a Walk on the South Side

Sightseeing Tour 10 Confirmation: "Wine"-ding Down (Tour A)

Sightseeing Tour 11 Confirmation: "Wine"-ding Down (Tour B)

FAM Tour Confirmations

FAM Tour 1 Confirmation: The Founding Flavors
FAM Tour 2 Confirmation: Memorable Mountain Majesty

FAM Tour 3 Confirmation: Soul of the South

FAM Tour 4 Confirmation: How the West Began

FAM Tour 5 Confirmation: Reel in Coastal Culture

FAM Tour 6 Confirmation: Stock Car Stories

Marketplace 2013 Member Alerts/Press Releases

August 15: Hurry! Last Day for Early-Bird
August 14: Last Chance to Save for Early-Bird

August 2: Early-Bird Get the Discount

July 6: It is Hot Outside But we Have Cool Early-Bird Savings

June 21: Get S'More Exposure at Marketplace

June 19: Rise and Shine at a Marketplace Host Hotel

June 19: Rise and Shine with Marketplace

May 29: It is Summer Picnic Time, Marketplace Food for Thought

May 21: What is the Story Behind 63?

May 14: What is the Story Behind 321,406?

April 10: Marketplace Registration Opens at Record-Setting Pace

April 9: Look's Who's Registered

April 4: Marketplace Registration and Housing Opens (Lodging/Attractions)

April 3: Marketplace Housing Opens/Registration Opens Tomorrow (Lodging/Attractions)

April 3: Marketplace Registration and Housing Opens (DMO/Operator/Receptives/Associates)

April 2: Can't Miss Registration Dates

March 26: New Study Results

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