Problems logging in?

If you need help logging in, make sure you have the following:
     1.  Your email address or individual ID #.  Your delegate/representative ID is a dotted   
     number for example (31412.5).  It can be found on your delegate confirmation e-mail and 
     fax.  Your company ID (the 5 digit number only) will not activate your Passport and may
     give you an error statement that states that your company is not registered.
     2.  Your individual password
* You cannot access Marketplace Passport with the Company ID # and Company Password

You will need Adobe Flash Player for Marketplace Passport to load properly - free download.  Also, please make sure that all pop-up blockers are turned off and you are using one of the latest versions of your internet browser.

* If you do not know your ID # or password, email us at
* If you are still unable to log in, email us at

Passport Contents

This passport is a record of all of your individualized Marketplace registration information.

• Contact Information
• Event Information
• Marketplace Website
• Update Profile
• Research Databases (available Sept. 7)
• Request Appointment (available Sept. 14)
• Add/Cancel List (available Sept. 15)
• Appointment Schedule (available Dec. 6)

If any information that needs correction or updating, click on the red email address in the top center of the page or email