Marketplace 2013 Appointment Stats: More than 150,000 appointment slots with seller delegates receiving an average of 28 appointments.  Additional ways to get appointments: manual scheduling (until Noon ET Dec. 14), the open business floor on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and state/provincial caucuses on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Marketplace 2013 Appointment Schedule and Manual Appointment Guide: Step-by-step instructions for reading your appointments na dother important schedule information.

Marketplace offers seven-minute pre-scheduled appointments, where motorcoach and tour operator Buyers obtain information and create business relationships with travel industry Sellers.  These one-to-one appointments are the core of Marketplace week.

Operator Buyer appointment-taking delegates are seated at individual booths for the entire week and have appointments on all day Monday, all day Tuesday, and all day Wednesday.  There are 174 appointment slots available in the Buyer appointment schedule.

Travel industry Seller delegates do not have booths, but walk the floor and move from Buyer to Buyer for their appointments.  There are 58 appointment slots available in the Seller appointment schedule.  The Seller session is based on the company’s membership code and is scheduled as

Appointment Sessions

DMO Sellers

  • Monday AM/Monday PM

Lodging Sellers - One of the following two sessions:

  • Tuesday AM/Wednesday PM
  • Tuesday PM/Wednesday AM

Attraction Sellers - One of the following two sessions:

  • Tuesday AM/Wednesday PM
  • Tuesday PM/Wednesday AM

Associate Sellers - One of the following two sessions:

  • Tuesday AM/Wednesday PM
  • Tuesday PM/Wednesday AM

Receptive Operators/Tour Planners Sellers

Receptives/Tour Planners will be able to choose to have pre-scheduled appointments with the DMOs or the Lodging/Attractions. One of the following sessions:

  • Monday AM/Monday PM (With DMO Delegates)
  • Tuesday AM/Wednesday PM(With Lodging/Attraction/Associate Delegates)
  • Tuesday PM/Wednesday AM(With Lodging/Attraction/Associate Delegates)

Marketplace Open Business Floor

The Marketplace Business Floor will be open to all Appointment Takers and Business Floor Seller delegates for the entire Marketplace week.  Appointment Takers and Business Floor delegates can access the Business Floor all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday regardless of when they have pre-scheduled appointments and/or when their segment session (DMO, Lodging, Attraction, Receptive Operator, and Associates) is scheduled.

Marketplace Research

The Research databases opened on Sept. 7.  Make certain your company's on-line membership profile is up to date to ensure the best research results.

Marketplace Appointment Requests


Marketplace Appointment Requests By The Number

Different member categories are scheduled for appointments during the same sessions, but
appointment requests are processed separately to ensure an even distribution of appointments among DMOs, Hoteliers, Attractions, Receptive Operators/Tour Planners and Associate companies.  There is a maximum of 58 appointments scheduled but delegates are able to request additional companies to increase the probability of appointments being scheduled.
    Appointment-taking Buyer Delegates are allowing to make:
        75 Requests for DMO and Receptive Operators/Tour Planners registered for the DMO
        75 Requests for Hoteliers.
        75 Requests for Attractions, Receptive Operator/Tour Planner and Associates
        registered for the Lodging/Attraction sessions.
    Appointment-taking Seller Delegates (DMO, Lodging, Attraction, Receptive Operators,
    and Associates) are allowed to make:
        75 Requests for Buyers

Appointment Schedules

Guide for Schedule and Manual Appointments

Appointments are scheduled based on delegate's company registration date, priority of request and type of request.

  • Mutual Requests: Appointment generated from a Mutual request (Both Buyer & Seller requested each other)
  • Buyer: Buyer requested appointment
  • Seller:Seller Register Type (i.e. Lodging, DMO, Attraction, Rec Op) requested appointment

Business Floor Information

  • Profile Sheets - Profile Samples are available
  • Presentation Materials: No displays, banners, pictures, booth decorations or giveaways of any kind will be permitted without written consent from ABA.  Acceptable presentations may include presentation notebooks, profile sheets, a limited number of brochures, self-contained laptop computers or videos with headsets.
  • Costumes and/or uniforms are not permitted anywhere on the Marketplace floor.  Jeans are not permitted on the Business Floor.