For Travelers!

The intercity bus industry is the backbone of the intercity transportation network, Providing vital links for many towns allowing residents to live and work in their communities yet travel to cities and urban centers for medical services, shopping or entertainment. On main corridors, new and innovative services are being offered, some directed to commuters and business travelers.

LeafModern motorcoaches are luxurious, energy efficient and comfortable. They offer travelers amenities that include reclining upholstered seats, personal climate control, wireless internet access. laptop plug-ins, I-Pod hook-up and video entertainment, footrests, and lavatories. And they allow travelers to see, rather than fly over, North America. 

They are  the greenest, safest, most hassle-free, convenient and affordable way to travel. Motorcoach operators provide intercity, CHARTER tour, sightseeing, scheduled, commuterand airport shuttle services with an emphasis always on old-fashioned customer service that is becoming all too rare in the travel experience today.

Motorcoaches offer student and tour groups, they offer educational, recreational, and sightseeing trips to American's urban, cultural, historical and scenic attractions. In fact, a committee of tour operators choose the Top 100 Events of North America every year.

Commuter services take away the stress of city driving, traffic congestion, tolls, and parking while you listen to music, read the paper, or get some sleep. 

Bus Travel Tips

  • Call early for fare and schedule information; note details and bring them with you for ticketing.
  • Buy tickets in advance, and purchase round-trip if possible, to avoid lines for the return trip.
  • Arrive at the terminal at least 60 minutes before departure. During peak times, if your bus fills quickly, it may depart early, as extra buses may be added to the schedule.
  • Put identification both inside and outside of your luggage.
  • Let the bus company help you determine your best route. Most scheduled-service bus companies can arrange for interline connections with other carriers and get you to your end destination with one ticket.
  • Remember to be prepared in case of weather delays