Peter J. Pantuso

President and CEO

Peter J. Pantuso, President & CEO

Peter J. Pantuso is President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Bus Association (ABA), North America’s preeminent motorcoach, tour & travel association.  The largest and most influential in the industry, ABA’s diverse membership is comprised of 3,800 stakeholder groups throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

ABA’s motorcoach members represent 65 percent of all motorcoaches on the road today.  The Association’s associate and travel members represent private travel-related enterprises, state and local government travel & tourism offices, state associations and affiliate entities throughout North America.  ABA’s mission advances the goals of these constituents, rendering value-oriented, responsible, safe and efficient travel. 

Pantuso leads ABA’s entire network of member products and services, including legislative and government affairs, policy and regulatory compliance, strategy, market research and trends, communications, publications, outreach, events, membership development and education programs, as well as ABA’s budgeting and human capital.

Mr. Pantuso is President of the American Bus Association Foundation, an emerging philanthropic entity established through his vision with an endowment of nearly $5 Million.  The ABA Foundation has awarded $600K in scholarships and is the prevailing source of credible industry research and data. 

He also serves as President of the National Bus Transportation Association, a ticketing clearinghouse with $200 Million in annual transactions between member companies. 

From ABA’s Washington D.C. offices, Mr. Pantuso concurrently leads a series of motorcoach, tour and travel enterprises, including: Skål International’s U.S. operations promoting global tourism, the Bus Industry Safety Council, the Entertainment Motorcoach Council, the Florida Motorcoach Association and the Hispanic Motorcoach Council. 

Mr. Pantuso is an active Member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100 Leading Association Executives and has served on the American Society of Association Executives Policy Committee and the U.S. Travel Association and Museum of Bus Transportation Boards of Directors.

A Bradford, PA native, Mr. Pantuso is a University of Pittsburgh alumnus and has earned his Master of Association Management Degree from the George Washington University's School of Business and Government in Washington, D.C.